Welcome to my first MY TOP 10 for popolio, which will kick-off tomorrow.  This is something I did for fun on my own MySpace Page that I’m bringing over here.  I want to step up my writing game and reach a wider audience than I do on my own little page.  I don’t get many comments there.  So, I’m hoping that will change here.  I want this to be somewhat interactive and fun for us both.  I’m a music-lover at heart, yet I do have opinions that will be different from yours.

Obviously, this is subjective.  It is MY list.  But just to let you in on my thought process here are some things I considered — the personal impact of the artist, song, and video on me; the artist’s potential at the time; video’s rotation at the time; longevity of career and lasting influence and relevance of the artist; current fan and industry hopefulness for the artist to return to former glory or to achieve fullest potential; and the artist’s current status.

And what I mean by “music video jump-off,” so everyone knows, is the first time we were introduced to a solo artist via video.  In other words, their first video single.  What I mean by “divas,” is strictly our female pop stars, though I know men can be “divas,” too.  “Pop/R&B” is inclusive of hip hop since pop music has been so influenced by both R&B and hip hop in recent times and, in some cases, vice-versa.

The way this will work is that I will post one video daily until I get throughy MY TOP 10.  Feel free to post your own video picks on the Comments Section either daily or at the end.

Hope you enjoy.

freddie beat                                                                                                                                                popolio editor