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I’m am actually a fan of the following ladies,  Brandy, P!nk, and Christina Aguilera, believe it or not, but their latest releases have me underwhelmed.  I’ll let my reviews speak for themselves.  Am I being too harsh?

Brandy “Right Here (Departed)” Released: August 13, 2008
From Upcoming Release:  Human

Not the strongest choice for a song kicking off a come-back, but not the lightest fair either.  Obviously, a tribute song for those who have passed, but is it meant to encompass a general “letting go” altogether, too?  Not a bad ditty for the subject matter with an okay sing-along quality.  Not sure if it’ll catch on.  In 1995, Mariah’s and Boyz II Men’s memoriam song, “One Sweet Day,” had mass appeal.  Maybe this will too.  It does bring to mind that Brandy has recently accidentally taken life and that makes one wonder if that’s part of what’s prompted this release.  Overall, not a memorable single, though it may be a grower.  Brandy’s recently leaked songs would have made stronger impacts.  Knowledge of her experiences the last few years and the title of her upcoming release, Human, are intriguing enough to wonder how those experiences will shape the lyrics and sound of the other songs and her growth as an artist.

P!nk “So What” Released: August 15, 2008  From Upcoming Release: Funhouse ♫♪*

Surprisingly, this single has peaked at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.  This song sounds like material from P!nk’s last album, I’m Not Dead.  Competent and catchy, the problem isn’t that it’s good, it’s that it’s not better.  It’s more of the same going nowhere new.  Name-checking L.A. Reid and Britney Spears in “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” which was part of a fresh sound from P!nk on Missundaztood, revealed her cleverness, insight, and vulnerability.   Satirizing young Hollywood “Stupid Girls” the last go around was deep and relevant commentary set to a catchy tune.  But name-checking her ex and Jessica Simpson becomes tired retread like the song itself.         

Christina Aguilera “Keeps Gettin’ Better” Released:  September 8, 2008
From Upcoming Release:  Keeps Gettin’ Better –  A Decade of Hits  

This is the first single from Baby Jane’s upcoming first greatest hits package.  Ms. A has been touting the futuristic, pop art, high fashion influence on her new stuff in the press lately, but this doesn’t sound edgy or forward-thinking at all.  Sounding like a P!nk left-over, this track makes me nostalgic for the nostalgia of Back to Basics.  She’s talked about a return to pop from the soul sound of the last album, but this pop song is missing the “snap,” “crackle,” and “pop”.  The electro blips don’t sound like something new, they sound like every other mainstream artist’s “futuristic” attempt since the dawn of Y2K.  The Super-Bitch and Super-Girl imagery is clever and that is in line with the bright colors of pop art.

*9/18/08 Update: Since this review P!nk’s single has taken the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.