7. Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z “Crazy in Love”

Not her first introduction, Number 7 “Crazy in Love,” was Beyoncé’s first introduction as a proper solo artist with a proper solo album.  Destiny’s Child and a contribution to the Austin Powers in Gold Member soundtrack were her previous platforms.  “Work it Out” cast doubt on her ability to shine as a solo star since it didn’t perform as expected, though. In my opinion, it’s a stronger effort sonically and visually. Regardless, she more than recovered with this video.

She loses brownie points for recycling some of J. Lo’s high fashion looks and counting on Jay-Z’s shine to carry her through.  She gets some back for her own hot looks like the tank, jean shorts, and red heels and the fierce dance routine on the stoop.  The booty shake I didn’t care much for, but it did light the country on fire.  She even had Oprah trying to do it.

There’s no denying that this was the hot summer jam of 2003.  It played 24/7 on radio and television.  You can always tell a diva’s got a hot song when she works with a new producer and a bunch of other divas quickly get in line to work with him, too.  If Amerie introduced Rich Harrison, Beyoncé made him hot.