3. P!nk “There You Go”

This video, Number 3, P!nk with “There You Go,” released in 2000, is personal.  I remember exactly where I was when I first saw this video.  I was an undergrad at UT pursuing a film degree to direct music videos, which I never did, and here I am commenting on them.  SIGH.  Anyway, I was living in Jester East (East Side!  M619 to be exact) talking to my brother in El Paso on the phone.  MTV was on in both places. 

On comes P!nk and I’m like, “Do you see this girl?”  “Who is this girl?”  She was a white girl singing black with punk pink hair.  I hadn’t seen anything like it.  I hadn’t had such a reaction to a video since I was a little kid (about 9 or 10) at my neighbor’s house sitting in an armchair right in front of their big-@$$ TV surrounded by the neighbor teens babysitting me and their friends.  Madonna’s “Dress You Up” video was on and I witnessed them have a spiritual experience over her.  I was hooked and I’ve been a Madonna fan ever since.

Back to P!nk, though, another obvious Madonna fan.   Her brand of R&B sounded very TLC, but like the formula had been kicked up a notch and new flavor added.  In the mix of Britney, Christina, Mandy, and Jessica, P!nk stood out as not just another blonde doing the pop thing.  Her pop had an urban edge that even Christina’s soul couldn’t match.  Not necessarily the leader of the pack, P!nk, with new single, “So What,” and upcoming album, Funhouse, was definitely, and still is, a rebel with her own cause.