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So, I wanted to try to go to at least one day of the ACL Music Festival.  Today, actually.  Erykah Badu plays tonight and that’s who I really wanted to see.  I would have stuck around for Beck, too.  There were other artists that peaked my interest like N.E.R.D. , Gnarls Barkley, and Del tha Funky Homosapien.  I don’t follow these acts, but I’ve heard of them and I’m curious about them.  They were spread through out different  days, though.  I thought I could do one day ,watch 3 acts, and do a review on each of those acts for popolio.

Well when I looked up the price for a day pass, it was 80 bucks!  Now, I don’t know if I waited too long and the price goes up as time passes or if it’s a set price.  But, is that too expensive?  Part of me thinks, “Well, there are a lot of acts for one whole day and you could see close to, what, 10 shows in a day?  So, you’re getting the bang for your buck.”  Basically, that’s like paying up to $10, or less, for each act you watch.  And the other part of me thinks, “Well, that is hella’ expensive for one day!”  Shouldn’t one of the benefits of a music festival be that you’re paying less to see more?

On a side note, those of you have been following popolio know I’ve invested in Janet and Madonna shows this year.  I’m a life-long fan and have never seen either of them live and that has been a life-long dream as well.  So, that said, I am watching my wallet and being selective when it comes to shows this year ’cause those 2 are huge!

I’ve also heard that historically ACL has gotten away from more local and regional acts and has become more of a mainstream festival.   So, what do you all think, are ACL prices too expensive?  Or are the prices reasonable?  Has ACL gotten away from its roots?  If so, is that a good  or a bad thing? ACL Festival logo courtesy of Search