This is a little late in coming.  Apologies for the late notice.  Check out The Shondes at Emo’s tonight.  The show starts at 8PM; The Shondes play at 10PM.  The Chicago Tribune had this to say abouth the Shondes and their debut album, The Red Sea:

“The Red Sea,” is a visceral work. While they give much credit to the sounds that influenced them — riot girl and queercore bands of the ’90s, traditional Jewish music — their moody songs are redolent of a time in the early ’80s when punk fractured into something more tuneful and complex. Harmonies grow discordant, Eli Oberman’s [violin] lends substantial melancholy to their quiet-loud dynamics. While being a radical, Judaic-bent, genderqueer, post-punk quartet sets The Shondes apart, being a political band whose music is as strong as its message is a rare treat.

 Check out their MySpace Page for more.