10/18/08 UPDATE:  It’s on!
10/12/08 UPDATE:  Okay, looks like the comeback show was canceled also.  So, now I don’t know if I will get to see JJ in Dallas after all.  I’ll wait and see how things go.
10/10/08 UPDATE:  Good news for Janet and me.  Seems like Janet is feeling better and will be getting back on the road again.  So, looks like I will be able to see her on schedule after all.

So, I’ve hesitated to blog about the Janet Rock Witchu Tour and Janet’s recent illness.  Those of you that have been following our popolio R&R podcasts know that  Janet and Madonna are my 2 big shows this year.  I’ve liked both women since I was a child and seeing both live would be the fulfillment of 2 life-long dreams.

The other part of it is that as I said in my inaugural Editor’s Letter I think of popolio more as a music magazine than a blog, so I want to write these masterpieces and make sure everything is just perfect before I publish them.  But, I have a day job and a lot of the time I can only blog on weekends.  And some of that time is spent booking forthcoming posts to satiate the hunger for content out there.

I need to get over that.  I think I’m missing out on the spirit of blogging.  What’s different about this over magazines is that it is in the moment and it is “alive” and that it is fluid.

So, I’m supposed to see Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty in Dallas in a couple of weeks.  But, if you have been keeping up she has suddenly fallen ill and has post-poned and canceled all kinds of shows. 

At first, I thought maybe it was her age.  But, she’s only in her 40s.  And Madonna does it and she’s older, but she doesn’t dance as hard as Janet or as long as reports are saying she does in this show.  From what I’ve read, it sounds like it’s pretty much beginning to end.  I remember Madonna passing out a couple of tours back, but that show still went on, though.

I read JJ recently partied with JD for his latest birthday and that he hurled in her lap on the cab ride home.  Not sure if this is true, but, initially, I thought maybe she partied too hard, too, and maybe that’s why there was the first cancellation.  But, then there were more.

The other rumor permeating the internet is that she may be with child.  Not sure if that one’s true.  That would make sense.  Working that hard and being newly pregnant does seem like it could knock someone for a loop.

As a fan I do hope it’s nothing too serious and that she gets well soon.  As a fan I also want her to get well by the Dallas date, be in tip-top shape by then, and be able to give me the Janet show of my dreams.  Is that selfish? 

The other thing is that I’ve already bought my plane tickets and you know how that goes.  That would just really suck.  I have the time off from work and have already ordered my tour tee online (after she fell ill; wishful ordering on my part).  So, I’m ready to get “Nasty.”  Cross your fingers for me that the show will go on and that I’ll get to take a jaunt to Planet Janet.

freddie beat
popolio editor