So, in celebration and as a countdown of sorts to seeing Janet live for the very first time in my life (fingers crossed) I present MY TOP 10: Janet Jackson Videos. Since it’s just one artist, let’s consider this a collection of videos more than a countdown. 

 This is recycled from my MySpace Page blog.  What can I say, I am a Janet fan.  I had all kinds of bonuses when I first posted this.  I dragged it out as long as I could.  I am keeping this down to 10 days for popolio, though.  Doesn’t mean I may not include bonuses in individual posts.  I’ll add commentary and/or make tweaks here and there, too.

I discuss both Madonna and Janet in this introductory post originally posted December 4, 2006.  Though I say I didn’t like Janet then as much as I used to, I’m liking her a lot more these days because I’m getting oh “So Excited” as the tour nears.

Let me just say that she kills the choreography and looks good enough to eat in this one.

10. “Pleasure Principle” from Control  Released:  May 12, 1987

So, this was kind of a continuation of my trying to prove to my friend, Jason, that Madonna is one of the greatest video artists of our time.  Once I finished sending him my Madonna picks, I started on Janet.  I think I convinced him about Madonna, but he still isn’t feeling Janet Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty.

I think Madonna is a stronger artist than Janet.  Yet, both artists blazed trails in the 1980s and 1990s for the female pop/RnB/video artists of today.  There would have been no Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, or Ciara without Janet.

Whereas Madonna went on to different inspirations, Janet got stuck on the nasty sound of Control, RN 1814, and janet. and the sexy image of janet. Since janet. (except for The Velvet Rope, which did have a different vibe that I dug) every album is now janet. II, janet. III, etc. becoming more and more sexually explicit and being current enough sonically (and yet still janet-flavored) that the current generation of music lovers can appreciate her sound.

I still like Janet (just not as much as I used to), but that doesn’t take away from her strong body of work.  She perfected the artistry of the pop/RnB/ choreography/performance-driven video artist/performer.

So, sit back and enjoy.