I originally posted this on my MySpace Blog on December 6, 2006.  Short and sweet.  I did include a BONUS video with this post then and you’ll get it here now, too.  Still like the Afro-punk style.  The song is a timeless disco classic.  The beauty of Africa is breathtaking.  The AIDS epidemic and its affect on Africa is something we should never forget.  And I still prefer the remix.  Really digs into my soul and makes me want to groove. 

Side Note:  Didn’t dig the Tabasco Red hair and nose-ring then, but it doesn’t look so Tabasco Red in the remix video.  Likin’ the look there now.  Go figure.

9. “Together Again” from The Velvet Rope Released:  October 21, 1997

A song for all the friends she’s lost to the AIDS epedemic.  I like the African-punk-style to it.  It’s obviously set in Africa because AIDS is such a detrimentally serious issue there.  And World’s AIDS Day was just last week, so consider it my nod to that.


A whole different remix with a whole different video.  I always kinda’ liked this version better.  It’s just a more mellow, deeper, more personal groove.  And it’s also called the DEEPER REMIX.

From what I’ve heard, she’s supposed to be coming back home from a friend’s funeral and that’s why she’s wearing all black.  It was directed by her ex-husband, Renee Elizondo.