Not much of a write-up for this one, originally posted on my MySpace Page on December 7, 2006.  So, this is all new.

8. “Alright” from Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 Released:  March 1990

The quintessential 90s New Jack song.  “Alright” showed Janet could change with the times but remain Janet-esque as ever.  An ambitious video.  This really jacked up the volume on what was first attemped with “When I Think Of You” from Control.  It  was that video times ten with a bigger budget; better costumes, direction, and choreography; and, most notably, a sexier and upgraded Janet Version RN.1814.   Late and great legend, Cab Calloway guested and Heavy D was on the remix in strong song and video form.

Really a concept video with a strong cinematic scope and story, which really isn’t done anymore.  Janet doesn’t often get her props for being right up there with brother, Michael and Madonna in terms video vanguardship.  Well, she should.

Really, one of my all-time favorites among favorite Janet songs. Oh, and the zuit suits — Who doesn’t want to own a zuit suit and pocket watch?  I still do. Clap with me three times as we make a wish on a fallen star we’ve found.