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5. “Nasty” from Control  Released:  April 1986

If Madonna is eternally the “Material Girl,” Janet will forever be “Nasty.”    This is the quintessential Janet jam with the greatest Janet line of all, “No, my name ain’t baby.  It’s Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.”  While naysaying all the nasty things she didn’t want and especially the boys, Janet funked the nastiest of all.

Janet came with it with the Control album and came the hardest with “Nasty.”  Well, maybe that and “Control.”  She established herself as a dance force and started forging her own identity apart from the Jackson Clan and especially Michael even at this early stage.  A cameo by Paula Abdul, her then choreographer, and a fun movie concept help make this a classic 80s confecture.


Since we had some black-and-white action with yesterday’s pick, I’ll give you, not 1, but 2 black-and-white BONUSES today.  First, we’re gonna’ do it nice and rough and, then, nice and easy.