This is what I wrote on my MySpace Page on December 18, 2006:

“love this song and this video from the janet. album. i esp. like the mc lyte rap.  couldn’t find this video on myspace, so here are the youtube links.  also:  the video has a funny/nasty intro that is not included in this youtuber’s upload of the original b&w version.”

4. “You Want This” from janet. Released:  October 11, 1994

Oh, I so love the janet. era.  Janny looked a little awkard sometimes in the 80s, but she got street in the 90s.  The dookie braids! The khaki pants and white top!   The hip-sway dance!  Everything was just on point.   Enough about the visuals, though, the song itself is just a fun romp.  Makes you want to imagine some sexy man you’d want to sing this to.

It does have a chant-like quality.  “You Want This” is just a sexy, self-assured, funky groove.  Okay, back to the visuals — the video was shot in black-and-white and painted over to create a color version.  Funny video intro and mini-rap by MC Lyte make it memorable.  Obviously, a nod to the past, the tv show;  the cars; and the manly magazines add throwback touches.

The choreography is sexy and understated.  I’ve always liked the more square, hip-hop (even more masculine in a way) shape of Janet choreography (and old school choreography for that matter) than the more round, hip-driven (I know there’s some hips in this, but it’s still blocky), sway-y choreography of some of today’s female artists.  The choreography of old videos looked like you had to be an expert, trained dancer to really do it right whereas the videos of more recent times look like maybe anyone could do the dances.  But, I digress, “I Want This” and I know you do, too. 

Color Version