Posted on my MySpage Blog on January 3, 2007.

“left some faves for last.  i think they’re some of her best videos, anyway.”

1. “That’s The Way Love Goes” & “If” from janet. Released: April 20, 1993 and July 13, 1993

Well, we’ve made it through to Number 1.  And, 2 videos, not 1, hold that spot — the first 2 singles from janet.  I still agree with my 2007 self that these 2 videos are Janet’s best and they are still, definitely, favorites.  What more can I say about the janet. era?  It speaks for itself, but I still have a little more to say.

The laid-back video intro and groove of “That’s The Way Love Goes” and the little nutcracker soldier choreography bit from “If” are the stand-out parts of each.  Can’t forget to mention the bebop flourish on “TTLG” and Supremes sample of “Someday We’ll Be Together” on “If” as well.  The curly brown hair, silver hoop earrings, Native necklace and little black vest (featured in both videos) are also iconic fixtures from this era.  The Jennifer Lopez appearance in “TTWLG” is one for the J. Lo completists and pop trivia buffs.

Well, while you all are enjoying these videos, I’ll be enjoying the real-life LIVE Janet.  Today is the day.  Can’t wait.  So, so, so excited.

Listening to The Velvet Rope (Together Again” is on) while I write this for you all on Saturday, October 18, 2008, 11:45 AM, to refresh myself on Janet’s repetoire.  On tape, you all! I’m telling my age.  Never upgraded to CD on this one.  Got my t-shirt this week.  I’m ready to go.

Peace out.