I originally posted this on my MySpace Blog on October 20, 2006.  This is what I said then:

“you’ve seen it, but it’s good and it won a bunch on mtv music video awards.  okay, i don’t know if ‘a bunch,’ but i know it won some.

So, this puts back on track.  We’ll go back to daily postings tomorrow.

6. “Ray of Light” from Ray of Light Released:  June 30, 1998

This is what I’m saying now:

The song and the album put Madonna back on the musical landscape.  Before this, there was question as to whether Madonna was still musically relevant.   This answered the question with a loud and clear boom.

This really did define a Madonna watershed moment.  There is Madonna before this song and album and Madonna after.  She’d been known for changing her sound from album to album prior to this, but all the other stuff was basically still dance pop.  This was just…something else.

A stronger voice, deeper and more complex lyricism, and a brand new sound made this something to remember.  Spirituality and a hot video didn’t hurt.  And a natural look and make-up with long reddish blonde waves and rave denim put it over the top.