I originally posted this on my MySpace Page on October 18, 2006.  Since I’m pressed for time, still agree with my 2006 self, and like what I orginally wrote, I’ll present the orginal commentary for Number 8. 

Note:  “My All” by Mariah Carey was one of the last videos shot by Herb Ritts before he died.

8. “Cherish” from Like a Prayer Released:  August 1, 1989

“I always thought this was a beautifully shot video.  And I always liked the idea of the mer-men and mer-boy.  Not something you saw (or see) in other music videos.  And they don’t look corny; they look realistic and believable.

Not sure why the choice was made for the boy to be ethnic as all the mer-men appear to be white/European-looking.  I guess I always got the idea that Madonna conceived the child with one of them, but that must only be a fantasy in my mind.  Ha ha.

Anyway, it was shot by Herb Ritts, a fashion photographer who worked with Madonna a lot in the ’90s (I think he mostly worked in black and white).  He died of AIDS some years back.  He also shot Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” and one for Mariah, too (the title escapes me at the moment).