I originally posted this video (with no commentary ) on my MySpace Page on October 17, 2006.  So, this is all fresh and new commentary!  So fresh, so clean.

9. “Bedtime Story” from Bedtime Stories Released:  April 11, 1995

With this song, the title track of sorts, Madonna delved into Bjork territory, who penned the song.  As the story goes, Bjork meant it as a commentary of Madonna and there’s something about the lyrics getting confused.  However it goes, I think Madonna had the last laugh. 

Whether she intended it to or not, this is the one song that sounds different from what the rest of Bedtime Stories had to offer at the time and from what Madonna had ever offered before.  Interestingly, it hinted at things to come with Ray of Light.

It’s a different kind of video even for Madonna.  The surrealism, futurism, and fantasy presented elements Madonna hadn’t explored before.  The only other video that I feel is thematically related is the latter Ray of Light’s “Frozen.” 

In my own mind, this is part one of a two-part fantastic, magical Madonna journey.  The two videos together do kind of represent yin and yang; light and dark.  Lastly, I’d like to note that she births doves in the video and birthed Lola soon after.  Obviously, conception was on the brain.