So, I’m giving Madonna the same treatment I gave Janet.  I actually debuted this MY TOP 10 before my Janet MY TOP 10 on my MySpace Page a couple of years ago.  It’s a little late in starting because I’ve been on what I’ve been calling my own World Tour.  I was in Dallas for Janet, then I hit Vegas for a close friend’s wedding, and last week I was in the Kansas City, Missouri area for  some training for my day job.  So, I apologize for the short delay. 

Consider this a countdown of sorts to my getting to see Madonna for the first time just like the Janet MY TOP 10 was.  This really started with my trying to prove to a friend that both Madonna and Janet had quality video work and that that was part of the reason they were so successful and considered legends. 

After emailing him video links, I decided to do them as MY TOP 10s on my MySpace Page.  I’ll try to play catch-up and post until I get this thing back on track.  And, I’ll add new commentary as needed and as time allows.

I originally posted this on my MySpace Page on October 17, 2006.  I’m not adding anything new to this because I feel this entry sums things up pretty well.

10. “Express Yourself” from Like a Prayer Released:  May 9, 1989

“So, I was trying to prove to my friend, Jason, that Madonna is, arguably, one of the best video artists of our time.  So, I sent him a (somewhat) daily top 10 (in no particular order) about a month or two ago.

I’m going to duplicate my list here.  These are not necessarily my all-time top ten.  I just thought about showing the ones I enjoyed the most — with higher production quality and ones that displayed the quality and variety of her work.

Let me just say, that, though I am a Madonna fan, I do not think she walks on water.  I don’t agree with every move she makes and don’t like every video, song, or movie.  I like her over-all energy and how she handles things, in general.

She started around the same time MTV started and really understood the music video medium for what it was and for what it could be.  I like that she approaches her videos artistically and cinematically and doesn’t try to repeat herself.  Obviously, it facilates self-promotion, record sales, etc. as well.  And we know this fact does not escape her, either.

I think her video work is one of the reasons she has been successful for 20+ years.  This along with her reinventions through the years, her live shows, and her sexual provocation and envelope-pushing.  Oh yeah —  and there were some great pop songs along the way, too!

–Based on the 1927 sci-fi film, Metropolis.
–Notice the cinematic value, the great shooting style, the editing, etc.