jennie38Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Jennie Laws, has the spotlight on this week’s pop quiz.  As you check out her quiz and stream the single from her debut EP, Introducing Jennie Laws, you’ll hear why this Canadian performer needs to come stateside more.

November 14, 2008

Name:  Jennie Laws
Genre:  Pop/Soul
Debut Release:  Introducing Jennie Laws EP (Self-Released)
Release Date:  May 2008

This, That, or the Other
1. Underground OR Mainstream? Mmmmmm…used to only be into underground, now I’m into both.
2. Maintain Artistic Integrity and Vision OR Make a lot of Money? (or both)??? Hopefully both, but first and foremost is artistic integrity.
3. Studio or Stage? I love both for different reasons. In one you get to craft a masterpiece, in another you get to connect with an audience. (sorry!!! I’m not a black or white kind of person 😉 
4. Spirituality OR Hedonism? Definitely spirituality, but the senses can be tempting at times…
5. Make Love, Have Sex, OR %$*!? I’m a woman!  There’s nothing like having a connection with a person…so make love. 🙂

Fill in the Blank
6. Music is my passion and purpose.
7. I’m musically inspired by Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, The Police, and The Beatles.
8. My favorite old school joints are “Sun Is Shining” by Bob Marley and “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway.
9. If I was a super hero I’d be Robin Hood.
10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll should change to Food, Friends, and Music!

Short Answer
11. I make music because:  It’s what I do.  I love it…it called me from a young age…I don’t know anything else.
12. I want my fans to:  Be touched by my music, to feel it in their hearts.
13. If I could share one thing about myself it would be:  That I truly love people and music and life.
14. Wild Card!  Life is such a journey…I’m always growing with every experience, both personal and professional.  More and more I’m learning to enjoy the ride…
15. I want my musical legacy to be:  A huge body of work that touches many many people and stands the test of time.
                                                                                                                                                           Introducing Jennie Laws


Listen to Jennie performing, “I Just Wanna Be Close To You” from her debut EP, Introducing Jennie Laws.  Grab a copy of it at her website:


Jennie Laws’ favorite old school joints!