I originally posted this on my MySpace Blog on October 25, 2006.  This is what I said then:

“I couldn’t find this video on MySpace, so here’s a link to it on YouTube.com.

This is from the album, Bedtime Stories, Madonna’s return to her R&B roots.  She worked a lot with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Dallas Austin on this album to get an R&B sound.  This particular song/video features guest vocals from Babyface as a matter of fact.


3. “Take a Bow” from Bedtime Stories Released: December 6, 1994

This became an instant Madonna classic.  Those who hadn’t listened to Madonna in awhile or ever before where listening again or for the first time.  A nice duet, though it isn’t billed as one, Babyface features nicely.  Though more back-up singer then full-on second lead, it works.

Sometimes a sweet song is just a sweet song.  I’ve said on a recent Single and Listening review that sometimes bells and whistles aren’t needed and a song can stand on its own.  Romantically so, this stands.  Those who criticize Madonna for not being able to really sing must admit this has a nice delivery.

The video concept has gone down in history as a her bid for the Evita leading role, that was in pre-production at the time.  She won it and created, arguably, her most memorable role.  A sexy video, it was nice that she flipped the script on the lyrics and didn’t directly interpret the love affair described within.  The object of affection being a bullfighter and not an actor or performer of some sort was refreshing.