I originally posted this on my MySpace Blog on October 26, 2006. This is what I said then:

“from erotica. i’ve always liked the song and always enjoyed the story-line with the angel of death, played by christopher walken (of course!), following her around.”

2. “Bad Girl” from Erotica Released:  March 11, 1993

Erotica is, arguably, one of those records fans are torn on.  Not my favorite album, the well-received hip-hop/dance elements and sexually liberating effect on Mexico (and perhaps, other countries) have been pointed out to me.  “Bad Girl,” though, is a stand-out track for me.

It is kind of depressing, but it’s realistic.  The sing-along quality is contagious.  And the video is just genius to me.  It has a film noir quality to it and I like that as well.

I want to say that Christopher Walken played an angel of death in this video before he did so in all those prophecy movies.  Anyway, one for the trivia buffs.  Enjoy!