November 30, 2008 UPDATE:  I’m re-presenting this popolio podcast because I don’t want this one slept on either (like yesterday’s R&R re-post). 

I wanted to add that I did go see their Sunday, October 5, 2008, show at Emo’s here in town.   There were other bands.  I saw part of one set of one band and then one other complete set, but even though there was yet another band behind The Shondes, they shone as a true pros.  (I talked to the violin-player after, but left shortly thereafter as I had to work the next day and I was there to see The Shondes.)

I really enjoyed their show.  Their were 20-plus people there.  Remember, this was a Sunday in Austin.  They played like it didn’t matter whether they where in their home borrough of New York or Austin or playing to a sell-out of hundreds or the 20-plus in Austin.  Their audience interaction was especially enjoyable.  They just talked to us, but I liked the way they did it.

In speaking to Elijah after the show, he intimated they some bands had dropped out and the venue was going to cancel the show initially, but that they, The Shondes, made sure the show went on by getting recommendations from the drop-out bands and doing some leg-work on MySpace. 

I found their drive, professionalism, sincerity on stage and off, and talent inspiring.  I mean they did all this work for a show at Emo’s on a Sunday in Austin.  To me, that showed their passion, that they like to play live, and that they just have the need to play.

Anyway, please check out the popolio podcast below, previously posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2008.


Freddie Beat speaks with Elijah Oberman, violinist/vocalist with the punk rock outfit, The Shondes.

Song snippets included in the show are “Let’s Go” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” from The Red Sea.  Listen to more music from the band at their MySpace Page.