So, I wanted to change things up for December.  We’ve had 2 months were we featured 2 pretty prominent solo female pop artists.  I thought this month, I’d go back to featuring multiple artists.  I’m also trying to challenge myself.  I do tend to prefer female vocalists.  I hardly own any male music.  And, on top of that, the bulk of it is pop/R&B/hip hop. 

So, this time around, I’m trying to feature more men.  But, let’s be honest there are still going to be more women.  I’m also trying to feature genres that wouldn’t normally be considered “pop” or songs that if someone knew me they’d be surprised that I did like that particular one.  Again, this is the challenge for me because it’s almost all pop (that I own) and a lot of music can be put under the general “pop” umbrella, anyway. 

Lastly, it is all music I own.  So, I’m not just picking songs to have on the countdown to be different.  The order is tricky.  I’m trying to order things by how much I like the song and how often I listen to it.  If it’s way older I think it should go towards the bottom; newer stuff should be higher on the countdown.  Oh yeah, so I’m putting no time constraints on this MY TOP 10.  Most of it is relatively current, though.  Anyway, it will all depend on these factors.  Also, I realize sometimes you buy stuff to try it out and you end up not listening to it much or at all.  I do have some CDs that just sit on the rack collecting dust.  So, I’m not featuring those.  These are videos/songs I actually like. 

Yes, I’m old school.  I still like buying CDs.  I like to collect one artist’s complete work and enjoy voraciously consuming the artwork/photography and text contained within.  I love reading Credits and Thank Yous.  Who would have ever thought listening to CDs in 2008 would be considered old-fashioned?  And you want to know the other funny thing?  I listen to them on my computer. 

I also want to be challenged by you all.  If you’re not surprised by a certain selection and could see me liking it then call me on it, but back it up.  I may respond.  Or not.  We’ll see.  This is fluid.

Anyway, the December 2008 Edition of MY TOP 10 kicks off tomorrow.  Hope you check it out and that you’ll like it.


freddie beat
popolio editor