6. Basement Jaxx “If I Ever Recover”

I got on Basement Jaxx a little late and only for one album.  I remember hearing the name being tossed around by people as that new hot underground “it” band when they first caught on.  I even remember hearing Janet Jackson saying she liked them on TV.  I had no idea who they were.

2003’s Kish Kash was the album that I gravitated to.  Part of the reason is that they featured Meshell Ndegeocello on 2 songs and, her, I am a fan of.  I also had heard JC Chasez, from N’Sync fame, was on another track, “Plug It In.”  I had picked up his Schizophrenic, an album I liked, where they produced a song I liked, “Shake It,” and wanted to see how he returned the favor on Kish Kash.  (I alway had secretly hoped he was the gay one before anyone came out.  He’s around my age and I do think he’s cute.  I thought we’d meet down the line in life and he’d be my man.)

So much for unhealthy fantasies, anyway, I picked up the album and I fell in love with it.  I remember a friend saying he didn’t like it and that it didn’t sound like other Basement Jaxx stuff.  I have nothing to compare to; I just know this album was genius to me.  I like that it is ensemble-y.  Not sure if they always feature different vocalists and artists because they seem to be more producer-dj-types, but it works well on this album.

I worked out (like, yeah, worked out to it) the hell out of it, but at the same it’s mellow, too.  So you can either dance to it until your soaking wet or just listen and groove to it sweat-free.  I like that it works at both levels. 

There’s no official video for “If I Ever Recover.”  This was all I could find out there on the internet  — posted and featuring photographs by some person named Stephanie Taylor.  This is definitely the stand-out track for me.  It doesn’t sound like the rest of the album in a good way.  I can listen to it over and over.  I also love the 2 Meshell tracks, so as a bonus you’re getting the track that closes the album, “Feels Like Home” (no official video, either).  The other is track 2, “Right Here’s the Spot.”  Oh, just go get the whole album!