*BONUS* Natalie Imbruglia “Wrong Impression”

My college roommate had Natalie Imbruglia’s debut, Left of the Middle, and I would play that sucker out on his CD player (apparently, I play out everything because I say that on every post).  I played others of his CDs, too, I’m sure to his chagrin.  Anyway, I didn’t buy my own copy of Left of the Middle until way after graduation.

It always left an impression.  Not the “Wrong Impression,” which is the BONUS video from her sophomore album, White Lilies Island.  I became a fan since those college days and went on to buy the second album.  I had no one’s to bum off of; just my very own copy.  Haven’t bought any others since, but I have been itchin’ to check out her later stuff.

Continuing the 2-videos-a-day tradition of this latest MY TOP 10, you actually get 2 BONUS videos.  I’m including her debut video, “Torn,” which caused such a sensation at the time.  It’s actually a cover of a song by the band, Ednaswap, that was covered a couple times before Natalie’s interpretation hit big.

We’re halfway through the countdown, so just sit back and enjoy the midpoint BONUSES.