5. No Doubt “Don’t Speak”

A neighbor-friend of mine liked No Doubt back in high school.  Unlike Basement Jaxx, I did know who No Doubt was.  I really didn’t pay attention to their breakthrough album, Tragic Kingdom, until the third single, Number 5, was released.

I didn’t become so much a fan that I’ve ever bought any No Doubt music, but this song I just love.  I did pick up Gwen’s solo debut, Love.Angel.Music.Baby., all those years later, though.  The Rock Steady stuff sounded cool; I would pick that up.

Back to “Don’t Speak” — This was just the jam.  I always say this is an R&B song.  That’s why it spoke to me so much.  If you strip it down and really listen to it, at its basic atomic level, this is good ole’ R&B music.  I’m surprised an R&B artist has not covered it since.  I think this is one of the best pop songs of the last 25 years.  Today’s BONUS Video is “Hella Good” from Rock Steady.