2. Juliette & The Licks “Got Love To Kill”

I love Juliette & The Licks.  I never was a big Juliette Lewis fan as just an actor.  I liked her enough and I thought she gave above-par performances.  Okay, she was a little different, weird, interesting, and really killed her performances,  actually.  Definitely, fun to watch.

But, I’m a sucker for performers who like to be Renaissance Women.  I love actresses who try to delve into the music scene.  So, once I knew she was an actress trying to do the music thing that made her more appealing to me.  I don’t know what it is about multi-media queens; they just do it for me.

I picked up the EP,…Like A Bolt of Lightning, liked it.  Then, I picked up the debut, You’re Speaking My Language, and loved it.  Second album, Four on the Floor, is okay, but I really love the first.  

What’s fun about Juliette is that most actresses-turned-singers try to do the pop thing.  And I grativate to the pop girls, normally.  But, Juliette is really trying to do the rock-and-roll/punk/band thing and she’s doing it well.   They’ve been cutting their teeth touring in Europe for years now.  I saw them live here in Austin in 2007 and they’re pretty damn good.

She’s not the typical actress and doesn’t pick the typical roles, so why would she do music typically?  She wouldn’t!  There’s actually a lot of soulfulness to the music on the first album and I love the raspiness to her voice.  I wouldn’t have liked the first album, otherwise.

Number 2 is my favorite song from the debut release and as a BONUS I’m throwing in another catchy ditty, “Hot Kiss,” the debut video/single from Four on the Floor.