3. Sophie B. Hawkins “As I Lay Me Down”

I don’t know if people would be surprised that I like Sophie B. Hawkins.  She started as a mainstream pop siren and then kind of went her own way and did her own thing.  I have her debut, Tongues and Tails, on tape.  I bought her first fully and creatively independent release, Wilderness, many years later, on CD.  I like both and still listen to both at times, so I’d say I’m a fan.  And I would check out her other releases new and old, eventually, too.

She did kind of become an artist that comes out of left field and seems to exist in an aura that’s a little on the unexpected side.  “As I Lay Me Down” from her sophomore release, Whaler, is classic Sophie B. Hawkins.  It’s  just beautiful and I love the African flourishes.

She’s still in the pop arena, but she definitely brings other influences and does her own quirky thing.  I like her.  This is why she’s Number 3 with “As I Lay Me Down.”

2 versions of this video were released.  Since I did have technical difficulties and this countdown sort of got derailed, I’m sharing 4 videos for your patience and pleasure.  “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover,” which kicked off her career with a boom, is the BONUS.  Apparently, there’s 2 versions of this video, too.   

You get the 2 versions of “As I Lay Me Down” and the 2 versions of  “Damn…”   The black-and-white one is the second “official” version.  And the last is the original version that was banned by MTV.  I don’t really see why.  Enjoy!