I’m back biotches!  Seriously, though, I’ll be trying to play catch-up here in the next hours before Christmas Day.  That was my goal.  So, let the countdown continue…

4. blink-182 “I Miss You”

I loved this song since I first heard it.  To me, it’s one of those songs that just transcends all genres and formats and is just an instant classic.  I felt the same way when I heard Macy Gray’s “I Try.”  In the case of the latter, I knew it was a song for the pop annalls.  I know people like to make fun because of her voice and I have a friend who does an amusing impression, but it’s a good song and Macy is doin’ her thing.

In the case of the former, I bought the whole CD, their self-titled 2003 release, because of Number 4.  Well, it was partly because I loved the song, but it was also because every now and again I try to expand my musical horizons by purchasing a CD I wouldn’t otherwise have purchased.  I try to expand my pop bubble or  maybe even pop my pop bubble.

Sometimes a new CD takes and I have a new artist to add to my pantheon of divas.  Other times, not so much.  In the case of blink-182, I can’t say I was playing the CD out or that any of the other songs spoke to me.  Doesn’t take away from how much “I Miss You” spoke to me and how much I like it.

As a BONUS, I’ll mix things up a bit, and throw in Macy Gray’s video for “I Try.”  Enjoy both!