Well, I didn’t quite make my Christmas deadline.   Merry Christmas everybody!  I still have a few more posts I’d like to get out for December 2008.  I guess I’ll try to get them done on Christmas Day (later today).

There you have it.  December 2008’s MY TOP 10 is complete.  I guess to some it would seem kind of random.  I described the challenges I would face in the INTRODUCTION.  I think there was some rhyme and reason to my order, though.   And, I hope it shines a little light on my musical taste beyond what someone might think it is.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I packed a lot more videos into this one.  Next month I think I’m going to try to go back to shorter write-ups and single videos per posting.  I guess I felt like this was my big year-end hurrah for MY TOP 10.  So, I was trying to maximize your entertainment value.

Check back in January 2009 for another installment of MY TOP 10.  For January, I’ll be going back to just  featuring a solo artist’s videos.  Not telling you who it is yet.  You’ll have to tune back in to find out who it will be for yourselves.

Again, Merry Christmas and thanks for checking out MY TOP 10 Video Countdown.


freddie beat
popolio editor