Friday, December 26, 2008
7:15 PM

Well, it’s the day after Christmas.  I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a Merry one.  I also wish all those of you with other traditions, happiness and cheer in your celebrations.  I’m going to try to keep this month’s Letter from the Editor short and sweet.  I said “try.”

The last 2 months have been a little hectic in regard to content.  It’s been a little challenging keeping up with it.  Last month I had my traveling and this month my internet went down for some days.  With a day job, I’m just really learning how to negotiate when I work on popolio.  I’m really excited about it and want to keep things going, but I don’t want to burn out on it too soon, either.

So, what did December 2008 bring at popolio?   I’ll name some of what we had to offer, but keep in mind that we always have so much more.  We kept the pop quizzes going.  We actually gave you a BONUS pop quiz this month.  You got El Paso-based experimental/ambient/electro husband-and-wife team (who work on a collective project as ElectroLegs) as their individual personas of Aux.78 and Muekanisms.  Folk-Rocker, Liz Clark, out of New York, was the BONUS.  In another installment of our R&R podcast, I gave my final thoughts on the Houston Sticky and Sweet Tour stop I experienced.  You got a taste of J. Dub’s mixtapes over at  I shared my pick for MY TOP album of 2008, which was Robyn with her self-titled release; Cyndi Lauper earned an Honorable Mention with Bring Ya To The Brink.  Lastly, I presented a  jam-packed MY TOP 10 Video Countdown.

What will 2009 bring for popolio?  We are going to keep going and try to do things bigger and better as we grow and learn.  We are very much a work in progress and that’s a good thing.  In January we’ll share a surprise popolio podcast interview that I’m very excited about.  Check back for that.  And we have ideas for a few new features that we hope to kick-off in 2009.  I hope you stick around and grow and learn with us.

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas and I wish everyone a so fresh and so clean 2009.

Just to let you know, I created a new email address for popolio.  Please feel free to contact us at popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com with any comments, questions, and/or concerns you may have.

7:51 PM

Thanks and Sincerely,  
Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat
popolio editor