Since TLC is my favorite group of all-time and the late, great  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ new CD, Eye Legacy, is coming out this month I wanted to do a MY TOP 10 Countdown in commemoration and celebration of that.  This is in addition to the popolio podcast interview I already got to do with her brother, Ron Lopes, regarding this project.  Check it here.

My initial thought was that everyone knows the TLC videos, so let me do the TOP 10 Videos where other artists featured her.  The issue with that is that there are enough songs out there where she collaborated with other artists, but there are not enough videos.  This, for me, is first and foremost, a video countdown.  Though, J. Dub definitely made it his own and made it an audio countdown.  His numerical images made me jealous.  Very creative and visually alluring and appealing.  See what I mean by checking out his countdown here.

So, this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to make it 2 countdowns in 1.  I’ll alternate between the top TLC videos featuring Left Eye and the top videos by other artists featuring Left Eye.  So, it’s like 2 MY TOP 5s, but rolled into one MY TOP 10 Countdown.

You’ll know most if not all the work.  The fun may come in the order, though, I may be obvious, because most of us will agree on the great TLC/Left Eye videos.  The greatest fun will just be strolling down memory lane and reminiscing in anticipation of the new Left Eye album.  The conclusion of this countdown will coincide with the release of Eye Legacy on January 27, 2009.  This one goes out to Left Eye and my fellow TLC/Left Eye fans. 



freddie beat
popolio editor