ll88.  TLC “Get It Up”
From Poetic Justice Music From The Motion Picture Released:  June 29, 1993

I feel weird posting this on MLK Day, but, hey, this is Number 8, and sexual freedom is important, too!  This is a cover of The Time’s debut single, from their self-titled debut album, originally written and produced by Prince; produced by Dallas Austin and Tim & Bob for this effort. 

Part of the Poetic Justice original motion picture soundtrack, it kicked things off as the first single.  Cementing their reputations as around-the-way-b-girls with sexually charged music, this is another high point of the Oooooo0hhh…On The TLC Tip era and contains one of my most favorite Left Eye raps, though, that’s the point of the whole countdown, anyway, isn’t it? 

I remember there was a guy in high school.  He was a little older than me.  Junior when I was a freshman.  I knew his name; of him.  Not sure he knew me.  He was an obvious TLC fan.  He used to wear the Cross Colours gear.  I know everyone did at the time, but he doubled up his jeans with suspenders.  And that could only come from TLC; just like only a cover like Number 8 could.