ll67. Keith Sweat Featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “How Do You Like It?”
From Get Up on It
Released:  March 10, 1994

The first single from Keith Sweat’s 1994 release, this was Lisa’s first official foray into featured rapperdom.  With a successful solo effort she didn’t forget where she came from shouting out her TLC sisters with her first few words.  I like how she puts her voice all over a track with her little Left Eye-isms like honey finding its way all over the nooks and crannies of a biscuit.  You hear it here and you hear it on Number 9, Mel C’s song, too.  Let’s be real, she put it down like that on all her collabos putting her stamp all over them.

This feels like a transition point between the Ooooooohhh… and CrazySexyCool eras.  Definitely, a hot jam, Keith and Left Eye were doing their thing.  I remember reading that Left Eye was supposed to be on MC Lyte’s “Ruffneck,” which I remember coming out around the same time give or take a year or two.  Interestingly, I hear hints of “Ruffneck” on this joint.  (And I don’t mean the beginning of the video, which is, obviously, the “Ruffneck” video ending before this one begins.) 

I remember when she passed.  A co-worker called me and woke me up.  I hadn’t even gotten up yet to start getting ready for work.  My co-worker caught it on the morning news and knew I was a huge TLC fan, so she called me to see if I had heard yet.  That was a sad day and getting through work that day was hard for me.  But, let us not dwell on that.  Let’s remember the joy her talent brought us with Number 7.