6. TLC “What About Your Friends”
From Ooooooohhh…On The TLC Tip
Released:  August 28, 1992

On the third single from the debut album, Left Eye continued to show herself to be the Mad Hatter (no pun intended) of  the bunch.  Like on Number 1 the rap is the song or at least a major part of it.  Lisa’s nasally clever in-and-out-up-and-around-again raps were really a big part of the show and how TLC presented themselves to the world in the beginning.  She’s all over that first record. 

Sure they had sexy songs, but they had relationship songs, rumor songs, abuse songs, and friend songs just like this one.   It wasn’t so much that they were sexually provocative, though that helped.  It was that they weren’t like anyone else before or since and that they were being themselves and having ball doing it.  Not just being an R&B trio set them apart, too.  They had an in-house rapper and had no need for all those featured appearances everyone else was doing.

I remember I used to go over to a friend’s house in high school and we’d play-act the songs to the first album.  You know — sing along and dance as we played the tape.  In the living room and in the kitchen.  On the couches and on the floor.  Interesting tidbit, we had the same birthday 2 years apart.  Anyway, I think I would be T-Boz and she would be Chilli.  I think we shared Left Eye’s parts.