ll55. Lil’ Kim  featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Angie Martinez, Da Brat, and Missy Elliott  “Not Tonight (Remix)”
From Hard Core
Released:  June 24, 1997

Now, this was the jam back in the day and it was also used for some Martin Lawrence movie soundtrack (that explains those scenes).  Obviously, it samples another great jam from even further back in the day.  Goes without saying which one.  You had a nice showing of female rappers, which didn’t happen and doesn’t happen enough.  I think we got to hear Queen Latifah sing for the first time.  Who knew she sang?  Now it’s old hat with her jazz standards and all.

I’m partial, but I always thought Left Eye had the best rap.  I guess that’s open to debate. Who’s the only one who brought the whole dance crew, though?  Now, that’s a consummate entertainer!  And she called out the house fire, too, and that, that right there was pure genius.

I remember my 18th birthday party was at my friend’s house.  I don’t always celebrate birthdays, but I wanted to mark this occasion.  My house was too small, so I asked if I could have it at his.  There was a point when we were all dancing to TLC’s “Creep” from CrazySexyCool.  We were trying to do the dance moves from the video.