Remember that show at The Hideout Theatre that I posted a few weeks ago?  Well, I went to it.  It was a night of many firsts.  It was The Executive Life’s first official show.  It was Jeder’s first time opening a show like this.  And it was my first time taking pictures of a show for popolio.  The show also featured the more established Arthur Yoria who seems to be friends with The Executive Life.  The Morakestra were on the bill, too, but never showed.

Drum roll, please because, though it took me a little while, this kicks off a new feature.  Introducing:  pic-olio.  Title speaks for itself, I think.  I took pictures of all 3 of the acts, so I’m going to divide this into 3 parts.

Part 1 features Jeder the artist also known as La Jeder and Heather Coleman.  Folk is going hip hop with all these aliases.  Seriously, though, she kicked things off nicely.  She set it off with her beautiful voice and  her mix of English and Spanish folk stylings.  

I especially liked her between-song banter and audience interaction.  She seemed like she’d been doing this for a little while at least.  Imagine my surprise when she intimated this was her first time.  Definitely, an up-and-coming-one-to-be-watched kind of artist.  You heard it here first at popolio.  Check out the pic-olio and Jeder’s MySpace Page, too.


Sound Check.


Sound Check, too!


The show begins.


Exit Close-Up.