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Two of today’s songs were released last year but have had some recent related releases.  The videos for the Pleasure P and Calle 13 songs premiered on MySpace yesterday and today, respectively.  Though, according to Wikipedia it doesn’t seem that Pleasure P’s song has had a radio or download release as of yet.  Bruce Springsteen’s album debuted this Tuesday, so I review the title track which some will remember was sung along the Obama Campaign trail.

Calle 13 “Electro Movimiento” Released:  September 23, 2008
From Latest Release:   Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo ♫♪

Reggaeton gets an 80s makeover with this song that harkens back to the past.  The back-and-forth call out with the English-speaking female rapper is cute.  Silly lines (good ones), a female English hook, and a likeable electro beat make this a fun track. 

 Bruce Springsteen “Working on a Dream” Released:  November 21, 2008
From Latest Release:  Working on a Dream ♫♪

As dexterous a handling as any. For someone who has achieved great songs, you’re automatically going to compare any of their new stuff to those. Makes it a challenge.  That said, this is as good as anything he’s done before.

 Pleasure P “Boyfriend #2”  Released:  January 27, 2009
From Forthcoming Release:  The Introduction of Marcus Cooper ♫♪

Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky has proven he can sing and continues to do so.  This, is a lane others have driven in and he can handle himself.  That is, the same theme has been explored too often in hip-hop and R&B from Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.” to TLC’s “Creep.”  Not bad.  Now, he just has to find his own lane.