So, I left the headliners for last.  They are known as The Executive Life.  Lead by Eduardo Fajardo, they’re an indie post-punk rock outfit.  I could tell they were genre-based but there were 2 to 3 stand-outs songs.  That is, I’ve heard what they were doing before, but they do it well and had a couple of more-than-just-good/quality songs.

What was interesting was that the 3 acts were of different genres.  What was the connection?  A Latin connection — believe it or not.  Jeder is what I like to call American-Columbian.  Not really a concept in the world; just my own.  American girl raised in Latin country.  Inverse of me being Panamanian-American.  Her Spanish is beautiful.  Arthur Yoria is Columbian.  And, so is Eduardo Fajardo.  

Jeder and Arthur threw in some Spanish; The Executive Life did not.  But, it was still a Latin show to me by all rights because Fajardo is Latin.  It was nice to attend a music show by Latin folks that was genre-busting.  A nice turn on its ear of what Latin music can be. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I like salsa and merengue like the next person; I grew up with my dad playing those records (literally, records) in my house.  Loudly.  My point is that I’m not less proud to be Latino because I prefer pop/hip-hop/R&B.  We’re multidimensional and come in different shades as clichéd as it sounds.  But, I digress.

You’d think it’d be jarring — the different styles.  But, it wasn’t at all.  It flowed quite nicely.  Arthur’s funky vocal-guitar audio experiment was a nice connect between Jeder’s soulful Spanglish folk and The Executive Life’s melodic indie rock.  Jeder set it off right, Yoria kept it going, and The Executive Life brought it down.  I like all 3 styles of music and all 3 acts were good performers with good music, so it didn’t bother me. 

I heard some complaints about the sound not being the best; but the talent outshone the technical difficulities for me.  Besides, it wasn’t their fault.  And, it wasn’t so bad you wanted to get up, leave, and ask for your money back.  If I had to use my scale for reviewing singles, I’d give this show a “featured soloist” rating of 4 musical notes.

The Executive Life MySpace Page


The band.


Justin Nova, guitars.


G-Money, bass (no close-up).


Waynie Danger, keys.


Rapper Avery joined The Executive Life for a rock/hip hop number.


Eduardo Fajardo, vocals/guitar and Travy Baby, drums with Nova.