So, for The Valentine’s Month of February I didn’t want to count down the most romantic videos or the best love songs.  I’m gonna’ do sexy videos, instead.  I’m keeping it pop/R&B/hip hop and 1990s/2000s like  on my debut MY TOP 10.  The line of naughty may be reached, if not visually, sometimes lyrically, but I’m not really going for dirty here.I tried to think of 5 for female artists and 5 for male artists for balance.  I stalled at around 8.  So, it will actually be 7 female artists and 3 male artists, though one female features a male.  I’ll try to go boy-girl-boy-girl as much as I can.  As always it’s subjective; these are sexy to me, of course.  I think I’ll  only say a few words and  mostly let the videos speak for themselves this time around.  Feel free to comment.

10. Foxy Brown featuring Jay-Z “I’ll Be”
Typically sexual hip hop lyrics juxtaposed against a backdrop of (somewhat) classy male and female dancers not only provides a nice sense of balance, it’s sexy as hell, too.