If folks haven’t caught on yet, this is my Valentine’s Day Countdown.  I’m renouncing romance and denouncing love.  I’m going for sexiness, instead.  Number 1 will still debut on St. Valentine’s Day, though.  My ode to the sexiest videos continues…

8. Enrique Iglesias “Hero”

Because of the timing of its release, this song took on different layers of meaning after 9/11, which couldn’t have been planned by Enrique, his producers, or his record company.  Still, the patriotic, sympathetic, and memorial layers it took on do add a whole different kind of sexy to the mix.  The guest starring roles of Jennifer Love Hewitt as the love interest and Mickey Rourke as the villain and the overall cinematic storyline take it to the next level.  And, Enrique Iglesias not being bad looking himself doesn’t hurt.