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Today I review singles from two ladies that just recently dropped albums on the same day and a new girl group making their way on the scene with a forthcoming album.  That’s Lily Allen, India.Arie, and Electrik Red for those who need a roll call.  India.Arie’s track is on her MySpace Page and official site, but I didn’t see anything listing it as an official single.  With 2 singles out the box already, it very well may be her third.  I just know I went to her MySpace Page and this was the first song that played (“Therapy” which is her second single was inactive).  I was going to review “Therapy,” but “A Beautiful Day” spoke to me.  Read the reviews.

Lily Allen “The Fear” Released:  December 9, 2008
From Latest Release:   It’s Not Me, It’s You ♫♪
Seems bass-heavy.  Catchy.  I like it.  Haven’t listened to previous Lily Allen stuff, so can’t compare.  But, this synthy-80s-like ditty with clever sing-song-along lyrics earns a second listen.   

Electrik Red “So Good” Released:  February 3, 2009
From Forthcoming Release:  How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 ♫♫
Takes it back to the 1990s in a good way.  The ladies of Electrik Red have mouths like sailors and voices like sirens.  The naughtiness doesn’t take away from the track.  Smooth production, a chorus that calls to you to sing along, and just an overall dirty-diva lean (that I haven’t heard from a girl group in a minute) take you there.  “So Good” is oh so good.

India.Arie “A Beautiful Day” Unreleased
From Latest Release:  Testimony:  Vol. 2, Love & Politics ♫♫
A soul-sonic adventure.  India.Arie takes you on a journey and you want to go there with her.  You go up, crescendo, and come back down.  Perfect symmetry.  Soul for the heart and heart for the mind.