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Today it’s a boys club with reviews of All-American Rejects, The Fray, and Jason Mraz who duets with the only female, Colbie Caillat, on this edition of Single and Listening.  Enjoy the reviews.  Check out the songs.

All-American Rejects “Gives You Hell” Released:  September 30, 2008
From Latest Release:  When The World Comes Down ♫♪
Great sing-along ditty.  Really like the acoustic version. Call-out response refrain works.  Doesn’t bust into the room, but does make its presence known subtly, gets your attention, and keeps it.  And that subtlety is better by far.

The Fray “You Found Me” Released:  November 21, 2008
From Latest Release:  The Fray ♫♫
Melancholic.  Nostalgic. Refreshing.  And makes you feel like you’re safe in a familiar someone’s arms all at the same time.  Nice beginning, middle, and end.

Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat “Lucky” Released:  January 2009
From Latest Release:   We Sing.  We Dance.  We Steal Things. ♫♪
A sweet, romantic duet.  If I was with someone I think I’d appreciate it more.  But, I’m not so it only gets 3 musical notes.  That’s not a bad thing and I’m not bitter.  I do like the song.  And, I think they pull it off quite nicely.  Echoes of a classic love affair in a period piece.