Eagle Nebula

There are some very good women emcees.  You just don’t hear about them enough.  This is one woman I must tell you about and advise you to give her your ear.  Working with the production of another artist fave of mine, Georgia Anne Muldrow, this emcee is Eagle Nebula.  I first became aware of her on a 2007 side project of Muldrow’s called Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five, with the track, “RebelYouthWithSkill.”  She mentions on a recent video that the name was inspired partly because she grew up in a family of science-fiction nerds.

In October of 2008, she dropped her debut full-length, Cosmic Headphones, and the juicy funk goodness it contains is worth playing it forward.  Enjoy the track, “Daily Debut,” and cop this disc at Amazon and iTunes.