telefontelavivtelefon_tel_avivThe sound of Telefon Tel Aviv combines digital glitches and stutters with symphonic strings to produce a soulful sound that is unique to their own music and to the remixes they produce for other artists.  Telefon Tel Aviv is the creation of Louisiana natives, Josh Eustis and the late, Charles Cooper.

While this latest CD project, Immolate Yourself, feels darker than previous outings, I feel it is their best project yet.  The vocals here are hushed, dubbed, and murmured and the production almost hearkens back to some early ’80s English electronic music influence.  For some that are used to the clear vocal work from their 2004 project, Map of What is Effortless, this new project may be harder to grasp.  All I can say to them is to let it marinate and you’ll hear and appreciate the growth.  Of course, the most upsetting thing is that with the death of Cooper in January 2009, this could be the last TTA project.  For now, we have a great work from this duo worthy of your hard-earned dollars, and you can pick it up at iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon.  Thank you, Josh and thank you, Charles, for your music.

immolate-yourselfEnjoy the title track of Telefon Tel Aviv latest, “Immolate Yourself.”