I thought it would be fun to countdown MY TOP 10:   Music Video Cameos.  That is, music videos with cameos by non-musical personalities who are known for working in other areas of show biz.  My criteria were that:

1) the video be memorable, of course;
2) the featured personality not be another musical artist at the time (now if they became musical artists at a later point that’s another story; they’re
still eligible);
3) the featured personality be known at the time (not be an unknown who became known later); and
4) the cameo be a worthwhile part in the video (not just a 2-second spot).

8. Juliette Lewis in Melissa Ethridge’s “Come To My Window”

I’ve stated before that I am a Juliette Lewis fan.  Not as an actor, but once she started to sing.  I liked her as an actor, knew who she was, had seen a lot of her work, but I didn’t f0llow her.   I don’t know what it is with me and actors who try to sing.  It’s a bit of a fetish or something. 

I have all (two) of the Juliette & The Licks CDs including the EP and look forward to the new work of Juliette and The New Romantiques (Yes, The Licks broke up and Juliette has moved on).  I’ve been trying to feature her on popolio for quite some time, but to no avail, so if anyone’s got the connect drop me a line.  I live in Austin and she played SXSW, so that would have been the perfect opportunity, but, alas, it was not to be.

Anyway, this is a great song with a nice video.  Melissa Etheridge brought it home with this one.  And Juliette Lewis plays the type of edgy character that she has come to be associated with.  Enjoy!