As we work through, I just wanted to add that I didn’t put a time limit (like limiting the list to  a certain era) on this.  I think that’s obvious, though.

* * *

I thought it would be fun to countdown MY TOP 10:   Music Video Cameos.  That is, music videos with cameos by non-musical personalities who are known for working in other areas of show biz.  My criteria were that:

1) the video be memorable, of course;
2) the featured personality not be another musical artist at the time (now if they became musical artists at a later point that’s another story; they’re
still eligible);
3) the featured personality be known at the time (not be an unknown who became known later); and
4) the cameo be a worthwhile part in the video (not just a 2-second spot).

7. Ali G in Madonna’s “Music”

Ali G aka Borat aka Sacha Baron Cohen was already making noise in the UK, but Madonna introduced him, not only to the US, but to the world as she often does with some people.  May be Madonna has an eye for talent as he had huge success with Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan some years later.  I may be the only one in the universe who hasn’t seen it yet.

Whether or not you agree with the way he operates you can say one thing about him.  He fully commits to his characters.  Another thing you can say is that he steals the show in “Music.”  Madonna’s actress friend, Debi Mazar, and her oftentimes back-up singer, Niki Harris, also guest.