Continuing our sxsw show pic-olio series (this is 2 of 3) this week (featuring this month’s SXSW pop quiz Artists) next up is UK artist, Rod Thomas, whose folk/pop stylings are a refreshing new sound to these stuck-in-their-listening-ways-ears.  I did get to talk to him a bit and he seemed like an unassuming nice fellow who was nervous about his gigs and just wanted to give good shows to good crowds.  For this gig he had a special guest in the way of his friend, Sophie Galpin, accompanying him on bass guitar.  She normally plays with two other UK acts — My First Tooth and Sam Isaac.

I actually saw him twice because I missed a little bit of this first gig.  Something I learned is that he’s one of those techno-daddy-one-man-show-types.  I guess there’s more of that going on.  My first exposure to that was seeing Arthur Yoria live a couple 0f months ago.  Different sounds, though, don’t get me wrong.  They just both do the recording, replaying, sound effects, and singing with oneself thing.  It’s econimical.   More importantly, it’s very creative and seems somewhat experimental. 

At one point, for one song, Rod busts out a ukulele.  And that’s oh so much fun.  I kept thinking it was like something out of a Muppet movie.  And, that’s not a diss.  There’s a fun, innocent, and carefree whimsy that I think Rod Thomas’ brand of electro-acoustic pop and stage performance captures.