So, this is the last installment of our special sxsw show pic-olios this week.  This one features 2009 Grammy Nominee, Wayna.  She was 1 of our 5 SXSW pop quiz Artists featured earlier this month.  I wasn’t able to get out to The Wong Boys’  or Clarence Bucaro’s shows to take pics, but do check out their pop quizzes here and here.

Now, I had never seen Wayna perform prior to her Grammy Nomination, but she definitely brought her A game to SXSW afterwards.  I just wonder if she stepped it up after the nomination or  if she was always performing that way.  She involved the crowd in sing-backs, brought up a previous performer (lead performer Ter’ell Shahid of local Austin band, NeckBone) for a number, and had some nice convo with the audience. 

Remember, Wayna and Kendra Ross were both part of the same soul showcase at SXSW.  The indie soul revolution is alive and well and will not be televised (but it might be streamed on your computer internet) and these are two of the ladies leading the charge. You need to check them both out.

Editor’s Note:  Pic 3 wasn’t intentional, but it looks kind of experimental and cool, so I decided to include it.  Pic 4 has a big ‘ole head in it.  There was a flurry of photogs and I’m fairly new to this gig.  So, excuse da’ head.  Lastly, I hope you enjoyed the sxsw show pic-olios this week.