waynaNow, I don’t know that I’d normally report on something like this on popolio, but I’ve been covering Wayna as part of our special SXSW coverage here at popolio for the last few weeks and this did happen in Texas.  The 2009 Grammy Nominee graced us with a pop quiz a few weeks ago and I just posted a Wayna sxsw show pic-olio yesterday.

She was arrested on Wednesday, March 25, 2009,  at a Houston airport for being in possession of a police billy club.  Apparently, there was a mix-up with her bags.  Ironically, she uses this as a prop during her performance of her anti-police brutality number, “Billy Club.”  The irony being that she was arrested, not that the police were violent.  Hopefully, they treated her with respect. 

I can attest to the use of the billy club as a prop as I saw her SXSW show last Wednesday (hence, the pic-olio).  None of the pics I shared were of that number, so they don’t include the billy club.  Most importantly, the charges were dropped.  A Houston judge dismissed the charges.  We wish her the best coming out of this situation.

Read the Associated Press article here.