I thought it would be fun to countdown MY TOP 10:   Music Video Cameos.  That is, music videos with cameos by non-musical personalities who are known for working in other areas of show biz.  My criteria were that:

1) the video be memorable, of course;
2) the featured personality not be another musical artist at the time (now if they became musical artists at a later point that’s another story; they’re
still eligible);
3) the featured personality be known at the time (not be an unknown who became known later); and
4) the cameo be a worthwhile part in the video (not just a 2-second spot).

3. Paula Abdul, Rosanna Arquette, Dan Aykroyd, Mayim Bialik, Bubbles, Jackie Collins, David Copperfield, Emily Dreyfuss, Richard Dreyfuss, Corey Feldman, Lou Ferrigno, Debbie Gibson, Danny Glover, Steve Guttenberg, Jasmine Guy, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherman Hemsley, Olivia Hussey, Amy Irving, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Beverly Johnson, Quincy Jones, Don King, Virginia Madsen, Olivia Newton-John, Brigitte Nielson, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ricky Schroder, Steven Spielberg, Suzanne Somers, John Travolta, Blair Underwood, Carl Weathers, Billy Dee Williams, and “Weird Al” Yankovic in Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl”

Okay, so there are some popstars in there and that goes against my criteria.  We can knock them out of the running and that still leaves a lot of star power.  And, yes, these were some of the biggest stars at the time.  This goes to show the power that Jacko wielded at the time — to be able to get them all on the same set.  It’s fun to compare then to now and see where people are at now in their careers. 

Now, paint me clueless, but I like a couple of songs that use this as a sample and I didn’t realize they referenced an original Michael Jackson song until recently.  I love Jennifer Lopez’ “If You Had My Love” and MC Lyte’s “Keep On Keepin’ On” featuring Xscape.  I’m sure there are more as well as all kinds of other Michael Jackson samples and interpolations out there.  He is Michael Jackson and was at the top of his game at one point and for a very long while. 

That said, in my defense, this song/video was never released in the US.  It was only released in Europe and Australia as an official single for Bad.  Regardless, it’s a clever concept and that’s why it’s Number 3.